I don't know yet. 

How is this site written?

Everything you see here is being written with incremental writing. That means every article here is impermanent and will be updated over time, hopefully eternally. Even this one.

Who is writing this?

Raj. I live in Tokyo, usually. 

Why so many questions?

I don't want to write useless things. I want to write things that fix problems. The best way to make sure that I'm always writing things that fix problems is to always be answering questions. 

That makes it easy for you, the reader, to ignore questions that are not relevant to you, and to find the ones that are. 

How should I process the articles here?

I generally understand the things I write about. Readers might not. Because they don't, I often go into more detail than necessary. Please skip sections if they are not useful. Often, you could ignore 80% of my article for the same level of benefit as reading the entire thing.

How can I contact you?

My email: rajlego at gmail.com

Don't hesitate to contact me if you think I can be useful to your or you can be useful to me.

Personally, I hesitate to email other people because I'm afraid of bothering them. I will have the policy I wish other people had:

email me and I'll decide if it's worth it or not

It takes all of 30 seconds to skim an email meaning that if your email really isn't useful I'm not wasting much time.

Rather, there's a good chance either I can be useful to you or you can be useful to me, outweighing the potential risk of wasting 30 seconds.