What has influenced me?

       The most important factor to the way in which I identify myself is my faith, the immigrants I cared for, and the region I live in. They each shape me in different ways.


What factors complicate my identity?

       My identity is complicated by factors external, as well as those within me. External factors, such as where I live, as well as the age I live in, have in influenced me in many ways. They have led me to become the man I am today. External factors such as the age and place that I live in, have made small changes to my identity. Due to those factors, I am a Mexican. Internally, my faith has changed me the most though, shaping me into a priest, as well as a servant of the poor.It has taught me to be persistent, by not giving into the threats of "the Migra", when they saw what I was doing, as well as those who went to the church I was a priest at. Later, after I was kicked out of my church, it led me to persist I helping the less fortunate by helping prisoners.

How do I identify myself differently than others do?


       I identify myself as a priest, and friend to the less fortunate. I am a Christian as well, who others often consider to disorganized to be a priest, as well as too impatient to be one, as well as too radical for the work I did for immigrants. However, I believe that I am the appropriate priest for that kind of church for the kind of people I help in this age. However, others may disagree with me as well as my work. They may believe that priests are many to on,y do wedding and the such, but I believe that priests need to do more than that though. They must help the poor. That is what god teaches us. Any other interpretation is wrong. (171) I will persist in this belief till the end of my days.