How does migration impact my identity? Migration has strongly effected me, by teaching me many things. Migration has taught me that we should do our utmost to help the less fortunate, as they are god's children to, and it is better to show our devotion through action than through prayer alone. Migration has primarily affected me due to where I live, in Nuevo Laredo. It has also taught me that we must help others no matter what the terrible things they have done, so that they may have forgiveness. This is a lesson that I have carried over to my work with prisoners, after I was kicked out of the immigrant shelter.

How do I maintain a unique identity while also developing shared identities (and what are those shared identities)? I maintain my identity as one of the few priests in Central America willing to help immigrants, unlike the majority of priests, who look down upon immigrants and often spend money upon lavish items for themselves. I also share an identity with many people who I am around, who are fellow Christians, and support me in helping immigrants, although I also must share an identity with those who do not wish to help them. I also have an identity as a Mexican and Nuevo Laredoan. These have made me who I am today, a priest, a friend to immigrants, and a general friend to the  less fortunate.