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What is SRS?

When I recommend spaced repetition to people, it's hard to decide what explanation of what it is matches the person best. Thus, I compiled some of my favorite explanations, to let people wanting to learn about SRS choose for themselves. Let me know[link to page with contact info] if there's an explanation you'd like me to add (or if you dislike one of the ones listed here)

How to Remember Anything Forever-Ish: around 20 minutes to get through. It's a comic. 

Forget about Forgetting: ~4,820 words. Written in 1994 but still a good introduction to SRS from a more scientific perspective.

General principles of SuperMemo: ~1,300 words, basic explanation of how SRS works

Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm: ~6,000 words. this is where I discovered SRS/SuperMemo. Very interesting because it also introduces some of Woz's philosophy

HOW TO LEARN AND STUDY ANYTHING: good video introduction made by Fowl of the community

If the above has convinced you of the merit of spaced repetition, you may then want to read about incremental reading.

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