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What Makes overload in SuperMemo hard?

Updated: May 22, 2020

I add way too many articles to SuperMemo. My collection is terribly overloaded. I’ve found it makes repping a bit unpleasant and I long for the days when I was learning about sleep or SuperMemo itself and was doing link traversals.

Thinking about it further, it made me consider what the ideal way for getting new material is.

There are 2 I can notice:

-importing anything that looks remotely shiny

-importing some starting article of interest and importing other articles based on hyperlinks or mention

I think I enjoy the latter much more. A fellow SuperMemo user once suggested to me that I mass dismiss the things I don’t enjoy. This seemed horrifying because even if they’re not the most enjoyable, they are still useful.

But now I can understand why that would be better. If you start doing IR from scratch, the network of information you import is more organic (I think there’s a better way to describe it but I don’t know the words). It comes naturally as you explore and find new things you don’t know. When you do that, your learning is based on strong, high coherence.

When you import random articles, it’s not as coherent and your learning doesn’t center around something you want to master or be able to solve (expand). That makes it much less enjoyable even if that one off piece of knowledge is useful.

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