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Why bother reading SuperMemo in Context (SMC)?

Why bother reading SuperMemo in Context (SMC)?

From recent discussions with various friends, I've realized that I haven't been using SuperMemo with a real context of actual use (other than generic self-improvement).

What does it mean to use SuperMemo in context?

I think it means that when you read something, you have a goal you can learn and prioritize in context of. For example, if I read Charlie Munger's The Psychology of Human Misjudgement, learning in context of marketing or in context of how communites are built or trying to understand how humans work or just learning for fun all lead to different takeaways.

How am I (Raj) not learning in context well?

On occasion, I sometimes learn in context of "how can I use this to be happier" which has often been helpful but most of the time I'm not. I'm learning generally. And I think it's lead to a weak z-axis for most of my learning. At the least, I can say with certainty that SuperMemo has helped significantly to [[unscrew my life]] and various problematic thinking patterns (I might write about this in the future). But I haven't used it for specific problems and I think it makes my teaching less effective than it should be (since I can't emphasize so easily what I don't do) and leads to large gaps in my knowledge (if you ask me how to prioritize between more learning time and more practical experience I can't answer well).

How do I plan to remedy my lack of learning in context?

My long-term goal is to be a multiplier for other people's efforts. Instead of making a direct, additive contribution to some cause, I want to multiply other's contributions. The easiest way to do this seemed to be to try to talk to people about SuperMemo/teach it but long-term I think I need to understand better how to use SuperMemo effectively rather than just efficiently.

To that end, there are a few skills I'd like to work on long-term:

-UX design/wireframing

-marketing/selling (I'm aware of the connotation these have. I'm not really sure of a good way to make them seem less slimey other than saying it seems only moderately terrible if you're marketing/selling good things)

-content creation

on top of the learning/teaching skills I already have.

I'm going to start with the UX design/wireframing. Long-term, after I can say that I understand SM use in a context, I intend to begin creating content around learning while also learning better how the marketing/selling/popularizing of it work.

How will I share insights of learning in context?

In line with Alien Mechanic blog's style of a post a day about progress on a problem (for them, fixing sleep), I'm going to try to make a post a day about my progress. I'm hoping it'll serve as a record others can learn from about how to use SuperMemo in context.

As Naess writes:

Practice reveals your weaknesses the best. It is the ultimate screener. It acts as a guiding signal to highlight the most fragile aspect to learn for.

I hope to master combining practice with learning to shore up weakness for myself and to be able to help others do it as well.

Why bother reading it?

Hopefully it'll:

-be good inspiration to try your own learning in context

-give ideas on how you could approach learning in context

I'm not sure how useful day to day posts are for readers so I intend to probably make recap videos each week though I'm not certain about it yet.

Where can you read SuperMemo in Context?

For now, I'm going to write at I'm going to possibly transfer it to incrium at some point but I'm not sure yet

[below here is work in progress]

Why UX/design?

in startup culture there is oft idea of 'sellers' and 'builders'. I think I have seeds of being a seller (and a bit of experience, mainly through talking with people about SM) alongside skill in coming up with ideas. I don't have any skills in actually building things though. I don't want to learn programming because it seems super time consuming. Thus UX seems cooler and easier to outsource

What does it mean to use SuperMemo in context?

What's the purpose of liveblog of my journey to use SuperMemo for design?

I want there to be a record of me becoming cool as hell.

I want there to be a record of how SuperMemo can be used a in a real context.

I want to build credibility in wider sphere

I also do just want to write and get more used to writing a lot

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