My faith in God and the bible has shaped me the most, for my entire life. It is God who led me to become a priest since my childhood. When doubted that I could become a priest, I continued on even though it took me eleven years to graduate from seminary (71). Thanks to my God I learned that it is not enough to show my love and devotion through prayer, I must also show it through my action. I then decided to start an immigration shelter for immigrants in Nuevo Laredo, to show my love and devotion to you because I understood that we must help the less fortunate. You have made me persistent as well, making me help immigrants even when many of my neighbors were against it. From then I have kept persisting, till 3/4 believed as I did, in helping the immigrants. Even now that I have been kicked out from the immigrant shelter I founded, I persist in helping the less fortunate, now in the form of prisoners. Immigrants have also shaped me, and reminded me how fortunate I am, and that I should give as much as I can to them because i'm in a much better condition. The region I live in is also affects me by giving me the custom and faith that I have.I'm a paragraph